Pimp my provari

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Pimp my provari

Message  rrpp le Mer 3 Oct 2012 - 17:45

Pour les amateurs de fibre de carbone... Tout le nécessaire se commande chez mc-master

Del Boy a écrit:Parts:
1. High Strength Patterned Carbon Fiber Tube 1" OD., 0.93" ID. (McMaster Carr Part #5287T211)
2. Velvet Fabric, Adhesive Backed (McMaster Carr Part #88015K2)
3. 1" Round Finishing Plug (McMaster Carr Part #9283K14)

First off, you need to use a tape measure to get the length of the tube right, add a quarter inch to that measurement, and cut it smooth. Then measure the placement of the button and window from the TOP end, and make the holes for them appropriately. Take your time on this part. One slip of the Dremel can really make it look bad.

Then take the velvet, and get a section big enough to cover the inside of the tube. Dry fit it with the backing material first. Then use a long screwdriver or something to wind the backing around, and slowly remove the backing paper, rolling it around the screwdriver as you go, until the velvet it pressed smoothly to the inside of the tube. Don't be surprised if it takes a few tries.

Then, to keep the length down, trim down the finishing plug. There are 2 layers to the finishing plug that get pushed inside the tube. Cut one layer off so that it is smooth with the inner layer. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the finishing plug where it will contact the tube, then press the plug into the bottom section and wait for the adhesive to cure.

Since the OD of the Provari is 0.895, and the ID of the Carbon Fiber tube is 0.938, Having the velvet lining gives it a snug but not tight fit. Also, the carbon fiber should do a fine job of protecting it. Before I put the Provari inside it, I hit the tube with a hammer and it glanced, and it barely flexed when I jumped on it. Not to mention, the pics really don't do justice(taken with a 2 year old Macbook Pro webcam), but patterned carbon fiber is sexy! Also, for those who may be wondering, this literally adds NO weight to it. Carbon Fiber is extremely light.


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